General Information and Costume/Weapon Policy

Costume Policy

Costumes and Cosplay are encouraged at Seishun Con, but we have a few simple guidelines to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun in the process!


Costume Guidelines:

  • All costumes must adhere to the “swimsuit rule”. This means that the bare minimum of coverage cannot exceed that of a swimsuit. If you can’t wear it at a waterpark or public pool, then it won’t fly at con, either.
  • Dance belts and other concealment accessories are required for tight-fitting costumes in order to conceal genitalia.
  • Straight nudity or underwear-only costumes are not allowed.
  • Shoes or other footwear are required at all times in the convention space. They may be temporarily removed for photos.
  • Leashes and collars may be worn, but cannot be held by anyone other than the person wearing it.
  • Signs are not allowed unless they accompany a costume. Solicitation signs (free hugs, etc) are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Roller skates, rollerblades, stilts, skateboards, hoverboards and other personal mobility devices not intended for use by persons with disabilities are prohibited in the convention space.

Prop and Weapon Policies

Everyone knows a prop can make or break a good cosplay, but please be sure it adheres to the following guidelines for your own safety and the safety of others:


Prop and Weapon Guidelines:

  • All props and weapons must be inspected by a security staffer and peace bound.
  • Props/weapons may not exceed 15lbs in total weight
  • Props/weapons may not exceed an overall length of 6 feet and must fit through a standard doorway along their longest side.
  • Wings and other wide costume accessories must be collapsible, or only worn for photos. Walking through the convention space while wearing such accessories is prohibited.
  • Props and weapons may not be thrown, fired or swung at any time.
  • Live steel or bladed weapons are prohibited.
  • Weapons cannot be capable of firing projectiles of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, arrows, foam darts or other foam projectiles, BBs/pellets of any material, and fluids of any kind.
  • Weapons must be non-functional and not derived from real firearms (eg. removing barrels from handguns, bolts/carrier assemblies from rifles, or other parts to render them inoperable).
  • LARP/boffer weapons must adhere to the same rules listed above.


Real weapons of ANY KIND are not permitted.

Real weapons include, but are not limited to: Firearms and ammunition of any and all sorts, rifles, shotguns, hand guns, BB guns, pellet guns, cap guns, air-soft weapons, paintball guns, blow guns, tazers, explosives, knives, swords (including katanas and other martial arts style swords), daggers, sword canes, switchblades, balisong (butterfly) knives, axes, hatchets, polearms, staffs, clubs, wooden or metal bats and paddles, bows, crossbows, arrows, martial arts weapons, brass knuckles, chains, whips, pepper spray/mace, and any projectile item, toy or real, whether or not such Real Working Weapon is loaded, broken, or then-currently in firing or usable condition.

Attendees found in possession of any of the above items will be asked to remove them from the convention space immediately and may have their membership voided for the duration of the event.

Please note that Seishun Con and its representatives have the final say in any decision regarding the approval of any costume, prop or weapon. Failure to comply with these decisions will result in the voiding of membership privileges and removal from the convention space.