Seishun Con is a volunteer-run event both for programming and staff. We have several departments that operate throughout the weekend to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. We’re always looking for talented individuals to lend a hand, so check out our departments and Staffing FAQ below and submit an application!

Staff Meetings

The Staff Meetings will be held at the convention hotel, stay tuned for dates.

Attendance to one of these meetings is required in order to volunteer for Seishun Con.

Staff Departments


Assisting panelists and keeping schedules on track is the name of the game, here. If you enjoy panel moderation, room minding and other active duties then this is the place for you!


OPS Staffers perform some of the most important tasks over the course of the con, filling in where needed and accomplishing anything and everything thrown their way. Thinking on your feet and adjusting on the fly is key!


Registration is the first line (no pun intended) of defense in making the con go smoothly. If you’re familiar with data entry, general sales and interacting directly with attendees, you’ll feel right at home here.


Public safety is our highest priority throughout the con. Our security department makes sure of that from badge checking and prop peacebonding to responsibly reaching resolutions to other situations.


If you like working with your hands and have experience in event production (or would like to learn), this is the place to be. Availability to set up and tear down is a big plus.


This department focuses on making sure the vendor spaces are properly maintained and assisting vendors and attendees with any questions that may come up.

Staffing FAQ

We have only one requirement, and that is that all staffers must be 17 or older by the time of the con.

  •  All staffers are required to check in prior to starting their shift
  • All staffers must perform their assigned duties for the duration of their shift
  • All staffers must attend a minimum of 1 pre-con staff meeting and the set-up meeting on Jan 31st

Failure to follow any of these may result in losing staff privileges.

Staffing has several benefits: Free weekend membership, meals while on the clock, valuable work experience and an afterparty to name a few!

You can volunteer for as much or as little time as you like. However, you will only get a free membership if you work 12 hours or more over the course of the weekend. We highly recommend covering multiple shifts across the weekend so that you don’t miss a whole day!

That depends on your department and your costume. Some departments must be easily visible at all times, and even though your cosplay may stand out, it doesn’t make you stand out as a staffer. If your department does allow you to cosplay, your costume can not interfere with the task assigned to you or you will be asked to change.

Everything outside of the free weekend membership (if you qualify) is not covered by the con. You are responsible for your own transportation and lodging for the duration of the con. Some meals will be provided on Friday and Saturday as part of OPS hospitality.

Yes you can, but there is a good chance you will not get your first pick of departments or time slots.

If any of these departments sound right up your alley, or if you’re not quite sure and want to help however you can, send us an application and we’ll get back to you. Remember that all staffers must be 17 or older by the day of the con and must attend one or more staff meetings.